Our Grievance Policy:

1.  The mission of MusicTherapyGuitar.com is to promote increased musical excellence among music therapists, students, and others by providing quality, hands-on, fun online video courses for guitar.

2.  All sales are eligible for a full refund within 14 days of purchase.  Se description of Refund Procedures below.  After 14 days from time of purchase all sales are final.  Other serious life situations preventing completion of the course within the allotted time period may be eligible for a one-time extension, pursuant to the Procedure described below.

3.  Cancellation, Extension, or Refund Procedures:

a.  MusicTherapyGuitar.com is passionate about providing videos that actually make a difference in your musical abilities.  If for any reason a video course is unsatisfactory to you, you may contact us within 14 days of purchase to request a refund.  Include a complete description of the problem.  Requests submitted later than 14 days after purchase are not eligible for a refund.  If severe illness, accident, loss of a loved one, or similarly urgent life situation prevents you from completing a video course in the allotted time period, please contact us to request a one-time extension.  Requests for extension must be submitted more than 24 hours before your course access expires.

b.  In the event of a request for extension, MusicTherapyGuitar.com reserves the right to decide at our sole discretion whether to offer an extension to complete the course or to arrange other suitable solutions depending on your situation.

c.  In order to request a refund or a one-time extension, send an email to:  info@musictherapyguitar.com, or mail a letter to: MusicTherapyGuitar.com, P.O. Box 202, Georgetown, ID 83239.

d.  You will receive a response from us within ten (10) business days.

  1. Appeal Procedures:
    1. If you are not satisfied with our solution to your issue, you may appeal to see if a different solution is possible.
    2. In order to file an appeal, you must contact us within one (1) week of receiving our decision regarding your issue.  Send your email to:  info@musictherapyguitar.com or mail a letter to MusicTherapyGuitar.com, attn: Appeals, P.O. Box 202, Georgetown, ID 83239.  Make sure to describe completely why you believe a different solution is appropriate, and what you would like that solution to be.
    3. We will respond to your appeal within ten (10) business days.
    4. In the unlikely event that your issue is not resolved satisfactorily, you have the right to have your issue addressed by CBMT’s Continuing Education Committee (www.cbmt.org).