Play With Your Potential

We believe that the way you "play" with your music should be like the way a child "plays" with a toy: enjoying, exploring, creating, learning, experimenting, mastering. If you feel safe to explore on your instrument, your creativity will lead you to discover new ways of expression that are uniquely you. is here to get you to those moments of creative genius.

We offer quality, interactive courses on all different levels. Our goal is to help you achieve that place where musical fluency meets clinical understanding, making your guitar skills clinically effective.  Our instructors have experience with their instruments and in the field of music therapy, bringing you hands-on, applicable courses that will improve the way you work.

--Courses are available 24/7 in the comfort of your own home or on your own portable digital toys.

--Rewind, replay, play along as many times as you want.

--Access time to each course is spread out to give you time to master the skills presented.

--All courses are offered for CMTE credits.



About Our Founder:

Jamie Bartschi (sounds like "BART-chee") is a lifelong violinist/fiddle player and a self-taught guitarist. She is an avid performer and gifted teacher, passionate about helping people achieve their musical potential.

Jamie's courses teach the musical fluency and clinical paradigm that allow for clinically effective music-making--tapping into one's own intuition and musical identity in session work.  Her clinical style flows from the concepts of music-centered music therapy, with emphasis on concepts of schema theory and music as a container, whether used actively or receptively.

Jamie has a board certification, bachelor's degree, and master's degree in music therapy, and is a certified MARI practitioner. She has taught countless clinics on guitar skills and created the website to bring together the best musicians in the field to enable music therapists to Play With Their Potential.



 is owned and operated by Jamie Bartschi, MMT, MT-BC, CMP, and is a CBMT Approved Provider #P-129.  Please visit CBMT for more information.